Telebridge: Future relations between Russia and the Netherlands

February 20, 2018

Dear friends!


On the 21st of February we have our first teleconference with the students of Leiden University.


Not only dutch students will participate in this conference but also students from other countries so we decided to choose our working language – English. The main purpose of our teleconference is to bridge the gap between our two countries and the best way for that is to communicate with each other, try to find a compromise, considering not only our differences but aspects that we have in common. Consequently, this is the main basic that we share. The main theme that we would like to discuss is:


«Future relations between Russia and the Netherlands»


But it is not only the main direction. We would discuss all questions that are interesting for us.


It is the first time when we organize such event. In this way we invite students with good English level from European studies, Political studies, International Relations.


It is only the first step and in March we are planning to do a second conference so it is very important for us to hold it at high level. In this way we would appreciate it very much if you help us in organization of this event.


Registration is required.  Please sent us not only your name but also level of your English and what studies are you from.  

Download document with all details of the event. 


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